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You do the deal. We do the details.™

Redhive provides the knowledge, leadership, and attention to detail that maximizes the value of each of your projects, while freeing up your internal resources to do more deals.

Project Management Program

For Retail Property Owners, Investors, and Tenants

Whether you are a real estate investor or developer, or a growing retailer or restauranteur, you create value by making real estate deals. The execution of your project over many months or years—managing the development process, leading the consultants, and overseeing construction—unlocks the value you create. You have a vision for your project and it is our goal to help you realize that vision on an aggressive schedule and an accurate budget. You don’t have money to waste on “another consultant” or the time to manage one. Redhive’s Project Management Program provides development and construction management services, on a project-by-project basis, to retail property owners, investors, and tenants. You do the deal. We do the details.™

Retail Program Guide

Retail Program Guide

For our retail clients (owners, investors, and tenants) we have created a Guide to the Redhive Project Management Program, which you can download for free. The guide includes a handy Development Process Graphic, which summarizes our approach.

Redhive brings major-retailer and big-developer experience to local retailers and property owners; and local, small-company agility to national retailers and global investors. We speed up the development cycle to make the cash registers ring and the rents roll, faster, and with less risk.

The program is flexible and scalable, allowing our clients to engage us as necessary, for a single small project, a large shopping center, or a multi-store roll-out. From the very earliest stage of a project when the deal points are still being negotiated, right through construction, Redhive is your best alternative to staffing an in-house development and construction department.

Request our Free Guide

Our Guide to the Redhive Project Management Program gives an overview of the program we offer to our retail clients, and is a handy reference to the project management process from the acquisition phase through construction. Just click the “Request our Free Guide” button to get your PDF copy.

Selected Projects

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